What is a community radio station?


It's a not-for-profit, volunteer-led station that is owned and run by the community it serves. With some simple training, it enables local people of all ages and backgrounds to make radio shows that matter to them. A show can take many forms:

SPEECH RADIO: interviews with local people; discussion of relevant topics; local stories or histories; poetry or drama.
MUSIC & ARTS: people's favourite songs; specialist music shows, live local performance.

NATURE: the sounds of a dawn chorus or babbling brook.


Or a show can be a mixture of all these things - the only limit is our imaginations!

Why is it a good thing for Crediton?


A community radio station can:

1. CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES: It can help people develop their CV, meet new people, have fun, grow in confidence and shape their town.

2. DEVELOP PEOPLE'S SKILLS: Media & journalism skills of course. But personal, social and organisational ones too.

3. AMPLIFY LOCAL VOICES: Crediton is full of important stories, voices and ideas, and the station will be a platform to get them heard more widely.

4. BUILD A STRONGER COMMUNITY: Community radio can make a town a better place to live. It connects people, shares local knowledge, and is fun!

Who's Behind The Station (So Far)?

JAKE LLOYD: An ex-BBC radio director, now a communications coach living in Crediton.

With ongoing support and guidance from...

CREDITON HEART PROJECTA community project working for a local website and building

ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHTA District Councillor and an experienced mentor and coach

ARUKAH NETWORKA support network for people working in community development

What Values Are Important To Us? 

We think these are a good place to start...

PARTICIPATION OVER PERFECTION: Slick, commercial radio is not our aim. We think it's so much more important that we're an authentic reflection of real people and real life in Crediton.

COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP: We want Crediton Radio to belong to local people - everyone who wants to participate in the life of the station will be supported and encouraged to do so.


LISTENING: We believe that when we really listen to people who think differently to us, then our community becomes stronger - it's a glue that holds society together.

FRIENDSHIP & FUN: We want to encourage people to speak about the things that matter to them. But we will not be a hard-hitting, 24/7 news station. Friendship and fun are a priority.

How Will It Work?


We expect it to develop in 3 phases.


PHASE 1: PODCAST. This is a simple, cheap and convenient way to create individual radio programmes. People can listen to them online or on their mobile phone, at a time that suits them. It wil involve a basic 'pop- up' studio for training, recording and editing programmes.


PHASE 2: ONLINE. Once we have a permanent studio base in Crediton, we will start to broadcast 24/7, online only.

PHASE 3: FM/DAB. Finally, we will make an OFCOM application, to broadcast throughout the town and surrounding area either on FM or DAB, as well as online.

"Can I Help?"

We need more people to help turn this idea into a reality. If you think you could help with any of the things listed below - or if you have other skills you think might be useful - then we want to hear from you!