Ep. 41: The St David's Symphony Of Sounds (1 of 4)

Created by Crediton resident PHILIP ROBINSON, this is a sonic tapestry of the rich and varied community of St Davids, Exeter. An audio selection of people, places, events, music, things and wildlife - old and new, long-standing and transient, conventional and wayward.

Most tracks recorded within St David’s by PR in Summer 2020, except where otherwise stated.

Dawn chorus (recorded by Rollo 2016)

Laura Blatherwick playing piano

Hugh McCann talking about a mystery

Strange Bedfellows (Keith Hunter, Matthew Shepherd, John Sealey & PR, live musical soundtrack to England v Argentina football match, 2002)

Lutfa Hassan talking about coming to Exeter (interviewed by Mona Hassan & Nazima Khan, Telling our Stories, Finding our Roots, 2013)

metal bannister down steps to Exe Street

Jamie Sexby Approach (St David’s Ambience Society cd 1997)

River Exe sluice gate adjusters

Leonard Lawrence talking about coal and the railway (recorded by Laura Denning)

Spectrum Choir Spectrum - Say My Name (Devon's first and thus far only LGBT+ choir)

Karen Cunningham talking about a hug

Exeter College students theatre workshop (1999)

Children Of The Drone performance at St Michael's and All Angels Church (with Henry Tomkins, Matthew Watkins, Matthew Shepherd, Simon Egan, Keith Hunter, James Turner & PR, 2003)

Jade Rowden talking about singing and living at the YMCA

Paul Simon Northern Line, concert in St Thomas, the night before his Jolly Porter Folk Club show, St David’s Hill, 1965

The intros and outros are spoken by Willow Wilkie Robinson (6) and Esah Bleham (5)

Part of Our Big Project, Exeter Community Centre, September 2020.