Ep. 42: The St David's Symphony Of Sounds (2 of 4)

Created by Crediton resident PHILIP ROBINSON, this is a sonic tapestry of the rich and varied community of St Davids, Exeter. An audio selection of people, places, events, music, things and wildlife - old and new, long-standing and transient, conventional and wayward.

Most tracks recorded within St David’s by PR in Summer 2020, except where otherwise stated.

Jamie In The Face Of performance (Phoenix Arts Centre 2011)

workmen working, Kelvin Lacy talking about plumbing and plastering

Pig Noise Boys The Quiet, I See (David Axford & PR, 2017)

unknown local woman talking about the dairy (recorded by Laura Denning)

Alex Hibberd talking about the Mulberry Tree Cafe

Fadi Al Naji performing at Refugee Music Night (with David Heathfield)

The Price family talking about the dairy (recorded by Laura Denning)

various dogs

V&P Big Band Black Dog (Vaughan Gallavan & PR 2007)

Dorleta Diego talking about exercise

Gina Richards talking about the Veitch Lamp Post Trail

Royal Albert Memorial Museum clocks (1996)

Ginny Baker talking about working at Exeter Community Centre as the West of England School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (recorded by Laura Denning)

Bux freestyle rapping a song with PR (2011)

Vespers from St Michael's and All Angels Church (recorded in Lockdown by Ku Sun-Tzu)

The intros and outros are spoken by Willow Wilkie Robinson (6) and Esah Bleham (5)

Part of Our Big Project, Exeter Community Centre, September 2020.