Ep. 43: The St David's Symphony Of Sounds (3 of 4)

Created by Crediton resident PHILIP ROBINSON, this is a sonic tapestry of the rich and varied community of St Davids, Exeter. An audio selection of people, places, events, music, things and wildlife - old and new, long-standing and transient, conventional and wayward.

Most tracks recorded within St David’s by PR in Summer 2020, except where otherwise stated.

Bold Set Of Ruffians Wonderous Love (Nick Peed & PR)

Abdullah Kuzu talking about being a refugee (interviewed by Richard Bradbury & Anita Nathwani, Telling our Stories, Finding our Roots, 2013)  

Exeter College students en masse, Queen Street

children’s Tap Dancing Class (2004)

Hannah Reynolds talking about the mulberry tree

Luke Tindall Swallow (St David’s Ambience Society cd 1997)

Stéphanie d'Haussy talking about debate and tolerance

John Sealey talking about what now

children speaking Shakespeare: Kate, Georgia, Anna, piano by Mary Robinson (Macbeth film soundtrack 1995)

Sean talking about being a Big Issue seller, Exeter Central

Mike McInerney Humbox interlude 1

Lutfa Hassan talking about her sari (interviewed by Mona Hassan & Nazima Khan, Telling our Stories, Finding our Roots, 2013)

Seat Of The Pants Orchestra with Aaron Jeffery, Vaughan Gallavan, PR (live soundtrack to Cops, a Buster Keaton silent movie, 2010)

Tania In The Face Of performance (Phoenix Arts Centre 2011)

The intros and outros are spoken by Willow Wilkie Robinson (6) and Esah Bleham (5)

Part of Our Big Project, Exeter Community Centre, September 2020.