Ep. 35: Music Spotlight With Pete Mason

PETE MASON finds more original musical nuggets from local musicians. In this episode, he interviews Joe Atlas, AKA Alastair Toms, about his new solo direction. Scroll down for this episode's tracklist. And if you'd like to feature in a future episode, then send us an original track.

In this episode:

1m25s - 5m12s The Theme From Tokyo.... - Joe Atlas

5m58 - 8m34s I Don’t Need To Know - Paul Connelly & John Downes

9m38s - 12m46s Golden Seconds - Samthauch

13m48s - 17m10s Crediton History - Jim Causley

17m46s - 21m28s Keep Me Going Doc - The Moonshine Serenaders

25m08s - 28m33s The Funk Is Strong In This One - Joe Atlas