Ep. 53: Tell Me Something #1

Welcome to the first in a new and immersive series showcasing some of our local poets, set against a backdrop of music and sounds from Crediton and beyond. Hosted and created by YSELLA SIMS from Poetic Licence.

This episode features:

1. Philip Robinson - Blanket On The Ground

2. Clare Morris - Still

3. Kerry Priest - Belly

4. Peter Cowlam - Faustina

5. Delia Pring - At West Hoe Pier

6. Jack Oakley - The Journey

7. Harula Ladd - Making Family

8. Robert Garnham - Poem

9. Margaret Adkins - Poem To The Woman With Grey Hair

10. Tim King - And So To Bed

11. Paula Kovacks - Survivor’s Song

Artwork by Nigel Bird. Thanks to Polly Cox and Si Egan for contributing sounds. Learn more about Poetic License on their Facebook page here.